Weekly Roundup April 20-26

Weekly Roundup

There are always things happening on TV, and it sometimes feels like too much. So let’s look back at the past week on TV. Spoilers ahead, of course.

  • WTH (What the Helena) (c): After a very good premiere that set up the season in an exciting manner, Orphan Black ended the episode with our favorite Killer Clone appearing injured at a hospital. Are you excited about this development or do you feel as if it just lowers the stakes?
  • That Controversial Scene in Game Of Thrones: for an episode that had Littlefinger appearing for the first time this season, admitting to having plotted Joffrey’s demise (or did he?), the most talked about moment came courtesy of the sex scene between twins Jaime and Cersei. Benioff and Weiss turned what was an arguably consensual sex scene in the books (at least, through Jaime’s eyes) into rape. Author George RR Martin defends the choice, though.
  • Killer RevealBones closed their Ghost Killer case on Monday with an exciting, fast-paced episode. It’s been teased this will open the doors to the complex case of corruption within the FBI — might Booth’s promotion be a diversion, since not only is he one of their best agents, but also the one with the most integrity and scruples? What do you think is going to happen in the two last episodes?
  • Arrow‘s Motherly Love: How about that penultimate scene? Personally, I almost couldn’t take it. Wednesday’s episode was all about what Moira Queen could do for her children and how proud she is of them: telling Oliver she knows his secret and is proud of him, paying off the mother of her first grandchild or, you know, sacrificing herself so neither of her children would die. Kudos to Susanna Thompson for a fantastic performance.

    Pictured: Parks and Rec cast Courtesy: NBC

    Pictured: Parks and Rec cast
    Courtesy: NBC

  • Parks and Rec‘s season finale…: Did it feel like a series finale for you as well? It had so many developments: after last week’s reveal (Leslie is expecting triplets!) caused a revolt on the internet. Many people assumed this meant Leslie was going to stay in Pawnee and reject the fantastic job opportunity that had been looming on the horizon for a few months. In a surprising turn of events, she proved to the naysayers she can and will have it all, not letting her triplets stop her rise to power. She cleverly makes the case of staying in Pawnee to the National Parks director, offering the use of the offices on the third floor we had seen Ron remodel a few episodes back and the cost benefits to operating from a centrally located small town. What about that 3-year time jump? Are you as intrigued as I am about what’s going on in South Dakota, what Ben was dressed up for (something Cones of Dunshire-related?) and what else has happened in the interim? I was actually glad to see Leslie be great at her job. As many have said, she’s like a goldfish — now that her responsibilities are larger, so is she. Are you excited for Season 7? (Here‘s a very good and interesting interview with Michael Schur by Alan Sepinwall.)

Some other bullet points:

  • Best Cameo: Jon Hamm being worse than Jerry Larry Terry at his job, duh. Let’s be real, Parks had FLOTUS and a few pretty awesome stars… they win at this.
  • Best Musical Moment: (Speaking of guest stars…) Parks‘ Unity Concert. Letters to Cleo! The Duke Silver reveal! The Decemberists!

    Pictured: Susanna Thompson. Courtesy: CW

    Pictured: Susanna Thompson.
    Courtesy: CW

  • Okay, I’ll add this: “Brian Williams Raps Gin and Juice“: I don’t watch late night as often as I’d like, but I enjoy Fallon’s viral videos a lot. I think the “Brian Williams Raps…” collection is genius and this one amuses me.
  • Performer of the Week: There are just so many great ones on TV nowadays, so much that I almost feel bad for choosing just one. Yet Arrow‘s Susanna Thompson just had a fantastic episode last Wednesday with many standout moments. The Queen family won’t ever be the same.
  • Most Expected Exit: Yes, Scandal‘s finale was last Thursday, but didn’t you expect Columbus Short to exit the show after the public altercations that have been going on? His character was part of one of the episode’s many cliffhangers – a gun aimed at his head – and, while it’s a true shame his character wasn’t really fleshed out, he will not be missed.
  • Obligatory Reality TV mention: I am a newbie to the Amazing Race this season, but Dave’s complaints rubbed me the wrong way. However, I do think Dave and Connor’s good manners are strategic – they have two groups in their favour and against Brenchel, and it seems like a Final Three alliance is about to happen. And could some teams just think about or just stop and read the clue for a second?! On American Idol, I continue to be mostly underwhelmed. I like a bunch of the contestants, but I also feel like there is something missing; these are talented kids, but I can’t see anything special in any of them. Candice was a good winner last year but… where is she now? (Let’s not get started on how the Thursdays’ half-hour shows seem to have zero effort put into them.) What Reality TV are you following?
  • May Sweeps started this Thursday. I wonder how many network TV characters hate these four weeks with a passion, due to the amount of life events likely to happen. (I wonder if any of them ever say to themselves, “Gee, May tends to suck balls, maybe we should go on vacation then. See you in June!”) Ditto with February and November, to lesser extents. Networks, in an attempt to match cable’s risky plot twists and surprises when you least expect them, have started to drop bombshells at many points during the TV season. Yet, May is still huge, as it is the end of the traditional season and the point to which many TV shows have been building towards in the last few months. Hopefully, we will have quite a lot of things to discuss in the upcoming weeks, if this is any indication. I’m excited and terrified at the same time, are you?

Any TV moment I left out that you feel is worth mentioning? Comment below! We can’t keep track of everything out there.

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